PEO Exit

Already in a PEO and need to scale? SCG has you covered.

Growing businesses can reach a point where the costs of working with a PEO outweigh the benefits, and some companies expanding into new states may also run into limitations on what PEOs can do there—eliminating the PEO’s original value proposition. If you’re dissatisfied or you’ve outgrown your PEO, let SCG do the heavy lifting to take you out of it.

Recent data shows 60% of businesses outgrow their PEO within the first five years due to cost and service limitations.

Signs it may be time to
move off your PEO:

  • Cost Inefficiencies: High fees and hidden costs are starting to become cost-prohibitive as your company grows
  • Loss of Control: Visibility and decision-making power over critical areas like benefits, recruiting, and compliance have become less available
  • Limited Customization: Lack of flexibility and rigid standardization has stunted your options for customized HR solutions

Have you noticed any of the above? SCG is here to help.

We Help You Scale Seamlessly

Launching new systems and migrating important data can be a daunting task. SCG will project manage the entire transition, saving your team hundreds of hours of admin work and providing consistency across your various vendors and software.

Process Control & Customization

Time Efficiency &
Cost Savings

Enhanced Compliance & Risk Management

Scalability &

Enhanced Reporting
& Analytics

Improved Employee

Your PEO Exit Checklist


  • Build HRIS Requirements

  • Identify Shortlist Vendors

  • Select Vendor & Begin Implementation

Benefits & Insurance

  • Select Benefits Broker

  • Set-Up Employee Benefit Plans & Workers Comp

  • Identify Ancillary Providers (HSA, FSA, 401(k), COBRA admin)

Tax & State Registration

  • Register with State & Local Authorities

  • Monitor FICA & FUTA Tax Restarts


  • Build Compliant LOA & PTO Policies

  • Create Employee Handbooks for Each State

  • Re-Hire Employees

SCG helps businesses avoid the PEO penalty.

When it is time to leave a PEO, companies are left to start over. They must build their own HCM technology, hire and onboard employees, establish payroll tax ID’s, etc. That’s the “PEO penalty” for your success.

That’s why SCG’s ASO exists. We provide all the HR benefits of a PEO, but we build and run it on technology and processes that can be transferred to you once you are ready to leave our ASO and bring all HR in-house.

SCG’s ASO Traditional Employment Model

“Being able to partner and utilize Skillcloud gives us a distinct advantage over the competition in the sales process, our implementations have gone much smoother, and our brand in the market has improved as our clients become more referenceable.”

HCM Sales Professional

“It has been an absolute pleasure working with Skillcloud. It’s like hitting the staples “easy” button. I’m always impressed with their knowledge, responsiveness, and work ethic.

They are professional, courteous and go above and beyond to ensure our needs are met. Their positive attitudes and the ability to collaborate with them is such an enjoyable experience. They have saved us in a bind, and I know they are an amazing extension of our team that we can count on.”

VP of People

“The Skillcloud team is an absolute joy to work with and I cannot say enough about the impact they’ve had on my success with both pre-sale and post-sale processes. Skillcloud HCM specializes in “all things people” and they work as a client-side resource to streamline the implementation processes.

I highly recommend getting them involved in every single process to ensure the client has the best possible experience.”

HCM Sales Professional

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