Talent Acquisition Services

Whether you are looking for a short-term or a long-term recruiting solution, Skillcloud has you covered. With a replicable, scalable and flexible model, we provide new alternatives to antiquated recruiting solutions of the past. Whether you need us to build and manage your proprietary talent community, become your internal talent acquisition department, supplement the efforts of your existing team or simply help on a single role, we have the solution for you.

Outsourced talent solution providers are over 7x as effective as job boards in attracting top talent.

We are committed to significantly reduce cost to hire ratios while still enabling our clients to find the very best people.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

For companies going through growth spurts, SCG provides dedicated virtual recruiters that are able to work across several roles at a time, using our premier industry recruiting tools and detailed reporting analytics to provide our clients with the flexibility and scalability to ramp up or down as needed. Working as an embedded resource, we’re able to work within your existing processes or help you build your own.

Professional Search

Traditional recruiting options lack the transparency and dedication required to provide a consistent hiring solution for clients. Layering on the exorbitant costs, those options are outdated and untenable. Through Professional Search, SCG recruits proactively and exclusively on behalf of our clients, delivering guaranteed results at nearly half the cost of traditional alternatives.

SCG Talent Communities

SCG designs, builds and manages proprietary Talent Communities for venture capital firms around the world. By implementing talent-sharing programs, we enable portfolio companies to share talent with one another to drive down the cost and improve the time to hire among the portfolio.

Ready to make your people your most valuable asset?