Administrative Service Organization (ASO)

As HR tasks stack up, founders often elect to enter co-employment organizations like PEOs as a low-friction, band-aid solution, without being fully educated on the long-term costs.

They then find themselves ill-supported from an HR perspective, operating their business on minimalistic, unscalable technology that they’ll need to a pay a premium to switch off of once they quickly outgrow it. Not to mention, they give up control of their employee data, privacy, documents, etc.

As a result, SCG and Paycom have joined forces as an administrative services organization (ASO) that delivers HR and payroll operations success to growing companies.  Powered by Paycom’s single, easy-to-use software and SCG’s white glove HR support, the ASO gives employees full visibility into their pay data while company leaders are freed to focus on the growth of their business.

SCG’s ASO allows your firm to realize the advantages of a PEO without the disadvantages.

Get to know ASOs

Entrepreneurs create their businesses for a number of reasons: to realize a vision, build and inspire a team, do something meaningful.

But running a business also means paying employees, negotiating the best benefits for your team, and keeping up with government regulations. All essential to success, but also difficult to navigate and time-consuming.

That’s where SCG’s ASO comes in.

We help build companies

SCG combines Paycom’s leading HR technology supported by our dedicated HR professionals into one comprehensive administrative service organization to deliver sustainable growth.

Our ASO is an extension of your business and engages with your management team to address complex employee-related matters such as:

  • Payroll processing
  • Compliance
  • Performance management
  • Recruiting
  • Benefits administration
  • Employee development & engagement

SCG’s ASO Traditional Employment Model

Building your HR solutions…

Other HR providers claim they know small businesses. What sets SCG apart is that for the past 10 years, we’ve been helping early-stage, VC backed companies scale their operations. Our customized ASO solution is fully transferable to you when you are ready to build your own HR team. No need to start over; from your seed round to Series C, we’ve got you covered.

… from Seed to Series C

SCG’s ASO model supports startups at all phases of growth, adapting the emphasis of our support depending on the stage of your company.

Supporting your company from Seed to Series C, our HR Professionals are proactive in addressing the challenges that lie ahead of your company, and when you’re ready to transition off of our solution and onto your own, you’ll already have the infrastructure in place to make that move as seamless as possible.

Avoid the PEO penalty…

You successfully raised your venture capital investment because you have a company poised for rapid growth. While a PEO might seem like a good outsourced HR option to allow you to focus on your business, you will pay the “PEO penalty” once your growth plans are realized and it is time for you to bring HR in house and leave the PEO.

In a PEO, your employees work for the PEO and you run on THEIR HCM technology. When it is time to leave the PEO, you are left to start over building your own HCM technology, hiring and onboarding your employees, establishing your payroll tax ID’s, etc. That’s the “PEO penalty” for your success. Not so with SCG’s ASO. We provide all the outsourced HR benefits of a PEO, but we build and run it on technology and processes that can be transferred to you once you are ready to leave our ASO and bring HR in house.

Ready to make your people your most valuable asset?